Capzule PHR
Your Personal Health Record
Capzule PHR is retired now and no longer supported.
Using too many Health Apps?
Single App to Track Health and Wellness of Your Family
Stored locally on your device. No web service required. Data in your full control.
New for iOS 8
  Touch ID Authentication
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  • Track Glucose, BP or Custom
  • Pill Reminders
  • PDF Summary Report with Graphs
  • Universal App (one purchase for iPhone & iPad)
  • Backup and Restore (Cloud, Email and Computer)
  • Copy Between Devices & Upload from Computer
  • Google Drive, Dropbox enabled
  • Merge data between devices
  • Connects with Google Drive & Dropbox

    Save & restore backup. Import & export files.

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    PHR Apps Comparison
    (Based on a family of 5 with iPad, iPhone and computer)
    $ 7.99
    (unlimited charts, universal app, browser interface)
    $ 27.97
    (iPad app 3.99, iPhone app 3.99, Mac app 19.99)
    $ 16.95
    ($4.99 per family, $2.99 card fee for 4 members, iPad only)
    Languages Supported 12 5 1
    Scan and Create PDF
    Custom Measurement/Monitoring Logs
    Customized PDF Report
    Graphical Timeline
    Dropbox Interface
    Google Drive Interface
    Share Files Between Devices
    Works on iPhone
    Works Offline
    * Information based on respective competitor websites as of Oct, 2013.
    Data is stored locally on your device. No web service or internet connection required.

    Access to emergency information in QR code and text forms when password protected.

    Edit information directly or from any computer over Wi-Fi. Easily Backup and Restore data.

    Secure. Always Accessible.
    Manage Everything
    • Track Glucose, BP & more
    • Pill Reminders
    • Appointments
    • Immunization Records
    • Files, Notes & Images
    • Medications & Supplements
    • Physician & Insurance Lists
    App you would keep forever.
    Create personal sets of health monitoring templates to record variations in health conditions, progress of health goals, and other observations.

    Now you can replace all those health apps you have for tracking individual conditions with Capzule PHR.

    Track any chronic condition.
    Share data between devices over Wi-Fi.

    Family members can carry a copy on their iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

    Email data and graph to your physician.

    Share with family and physicians.
    Edit records and transfer files to Capzule PHR over Wi-Fi using any computer browser.

    Enable password protection while on public Wi-Fi spots, such as doctor's office or hospital.

    Connect, edit and upload files.
    Visualize health data to analyze and compare data and events for any given period of time.

    View files, appointments and medications from the Timeline.

    Data Visualization Timeline.
    "..quality of care has improved since I started carrying this app with me to doctor appointments.." " wall paper instructs whoever finds me in an emergency to open this app and for that reason I never leave my phone.." "..wipes the pants off the competition.." "..easy, thorough, handy.." "..a must have for anyone with kids or past medical history.." " saves my life.."
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    Most Comprehensive
  • Track any chronic condition
  • Edit & upload from any Computer
  • Share between devices
  • Add files from other apps
  • Import CSV data
  • Export/Print Summary in PDF
  • Visualize data
  • Reminders
  • Add Family members
  • What's New in 1.0.27
  • Delete, re-arrange flowsheet fields
  • Revised app icon
  • Add attachments in Summary email
  • UI Enhancements
  • Universal App
  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • iPod touch
  • Easy Management
  • Comprehensive personal medical/health records
  • Keep family, social, and medical history together
  • Manage physician and insurance information
  • Enter notes, upload results and files
  • Medication/supplement section
  • Maintain immunization records
  • Enter vitals in Metric or Standard units
  • Record conditions and allergies
  • Organized
  • Categorize Notes and Attachments
  • Medication Reminder
  • Store doctor appointments
  • Create copy of data elements
  • Notification to alert appointments
  • Create custom health screening templates
  • Emergency Access
  • Set QR codes and/or text for emergency personnel
  • Scan Using Camera
  • Scan documents using camera (or select images from device) and save as PDF files.
  • Backup & Restore
  • Backup/Restore using Mail app
  • iCloud Backup & Restore
  • Using any desktop/laptop
  • Instant Overview
  • Data Visualization via Interactive Timeline
  • Summary & Historical Show All views
  • Summary Reporting Filter
  • Import & Export
  • Edit records & upload files from computer
  • Print or download summary from computers
  • Import CSV and files from other Apps
  • Export CSV from desktop/Laptop
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Visualization via Interactive Timeline
  • Analyze line graphs of vitals and lab results
  • Preferred Graph Selection
  • Low, High & Avg. values in graphs
  • Bar Chart support
  • Share Data
  • Email flowsheet data in CSV format along with graphs
  • Email Summary with graphs embedded
  • Transfer Between Devices
    Easily share data between devices of your family members.
  • Password protected
  • Reset password when password is lost
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